Award winning sound design

Dramas, documentaries, audience shows, animation, advertising and more





A relaxing, professional work environment


I have a full Pro Tools Ultimate based post production studio in the garden of my house in Lewes, East Sussex. It’s built to BBC spec with a Mac Pro computer, PMC monitoring and a recording room that can accommodate four actors comfortably. I also regularly use our quiet garden and house as recording locations to give different acoustics. I can provide catering and off street parking for two cars (plus additional on-street parking). Most recently the BBCs flagship audio drama “Charles Dexter Ward” and Radio 3’s “Sea Longing” were recorded here.



A Preferred Supplier for BBC Outside Broadcasts


My outside broadcast rig is based around a Presonus 32 channel fully digital mixing desk with ethernet based stagebox. I have everything you’d need for a complex radio recording including eight Shure Beta 87a stage mics and six Neumann km184 audience mics, a full multitrack Pro Tools recording system and industry standard Qlab sound effect playback system. I travel with a library of 15,000 sound effects and can make pretty much any sound given a bit of notice.


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Recording in all environments


I spend a lot of my time recording dramas on location. I generally record straight to stereo using my Neumann RSM191 stereo mic and Sound Devices 8 track recorder (but have capability to add to this if required). I’ve made more than 50 dramas on location and have been working this way since mobile drama recording became feasible 20 or so years ago. I won BBC Best Sound Designer 2016 and have been part of the team that won BBC Best Audio Drama three times.